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Behind The Screams

2024  |  12 minutes  |  Short Film  |  Horror

Written and Directed by Holly Causer


While filming in a supposedly haunted London pub, a film crew is tormented by more than spirits, as they fight their way to what has been a chaotic shoot - complete with fraught relationships, a film full of cringe-y horror tropes, and cliche characters. 


Red Raptor

Kowa Anamorphics & DZO Vespid Primes

Sequence 02.00_00_01_09.Still050.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_02_05.Still065.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_01_21.Still057.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_00_14.Still027.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_02_01.Still064.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_00_12.Still036.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_01_16.Still054.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_00_11.Still039.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_01_02.Still035.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_00_22.Still030.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_01_00.Still044.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_01_04.Still045.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_00_17.Still028.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_01_17.Still048.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_00_03.Still019.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_00_07.Still037.jpg
Sequence 02.00_00_00_04.Still020.jpg
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