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Oxford Alternative Orchestra - Brand Film

2021  |  70 seconds |  Commercial  |  Spec
Shot, Directed, Edited & Graded by Alex van Leeuwen


Spec commercial shot for Oxford Alternative Orchestra. Riffed on visuals inspired by fashion films, delaying the reveal that this was for a classical/ modern-classical music group.


BlackMagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k & Pocket 4k

Helios Anamorphic; Samyang 8mm Fisheye; Assorted Canon Glass

OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_01_14.Still002.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_05_06.Still003.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_03_21.Still002.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_09_15.Still005.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_10_22.Still006.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_11_21.Still007.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_12_17.Still008.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_13_09.Still009.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_13_18.Still010.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_14_17.Still011.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_15_17.Still012.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_16_11.Still013.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_22_02.Still018.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_22_18.Still020.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_23_14.Still021.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_25_05.Still022.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_28_19.Still027.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_26_21.Still025.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_30_05.Still029.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_32_06.Still031.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_34_18.Still032.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_39_00.Still034.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_41_23.Still037.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_39_17.Still035.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_42_20.Still038.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_44_16.Still040.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_49_09.Still042.j
OAO Spec Edit_V02.00_00_50_06.Still043.j
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